Structural Glazing

(Unitized/Semi Unitized/Sticking)

Structural glazing is most suitable for high rise buildings requiring huge quantity of glazing. Initially a detailed site survey is conducted. Based on that, MS/SS/Aluminium brackets are anchored to the columns/slabs. Then the complete unit is fully fabricated at the factory which is bonded to the brackets later.

This system does not require scaffolding for installation. Installation of the panels are done using a crane/cradle/hoist. 90% of the work is done at the factory and only 10% of the task is done on site.

Spider Glazing

Spider glazing offers a beautiful external appearance with uninterrupted views. Spider glazing curtain walls provides maximum daylight possible to the building interiors. They also provide large transparent glass surface as building envelopes.

This acts as a structural support to the exterior designs and spider glazing can be customized for buildings of any design concepts. This is highly suitable for both commercial and residential buildings.


Glass curtain walls are lightweight aluminium-framed facades housing glass or metal panels. These aluminium framed glass wall systems are a hallmark of modern architecture. Curtain walls are often part of a building envelope or comprises one part of a wall system.

Curtain wall systems range from standard prefabricated systems to specialized custom wall units. As curtain wall glazing is non-structural and allows for use of lightweight materials, they are inexpensive and provide cost savings.


Shop glazing are the large glass panels that are erected to give a wonderful view of shops interiors. The shop glazed interiors help displaying products to the prospective buyers outside. Aptly termed shop front glazing, shop glazing offers a beautiful look and feel to the shop front space.

Advantages of Shop Glazing

• Provides a clear view of the interior enabling display of products and services

• The shop glazed glasses are thick and strong and do not shatter that easily on any possible impact.


A skylight sometimes called a rooflight is a light-transmitting structure that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes. They are used as daylighting elements to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight, via top lighting to the building interiors.

They provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment to interior occupants. With skylight, sustainable building is possible that allows for passive solar heating, passive cooling and fresh air exchange.


Canopies typically incorporate a fabric, glass or metal covering. They may be translucent, transparent or opaque. A canopy is an overhead roof structure that has open sides.

Canopies are typically intended to provide shelter from the rain or sun, but may also be used for decorative purposes. They can be customized to take load as well if needed.


Aluminium Composite Panel is a popular material of modern architecture that is lightweight and highly flexible. This is used for both exteriors and interiors of buildings. ACP sheets are available in a wide range of colours and finishes like 3D, sand, wood, stone etc.

ACP sheets can be bent and folded into whatever shape you wish which is not possible by other materials. This flexibly of ACP provides enhanced design liberty and is a designers’ delight

ACP sheets can be installed very quickly. They are durable, cost effective and easy to maintain.


High pressure laminate panels provide beautiful aesthetic and a wide range of design possibilities. This popular material of modern era is highly suitable for next generation architectural claddings.

This is a high quality durable exterior wall cladding product. Apart from design and style, HPL panels are functional and energy efficient. They are sturdy and solid, weather resistant and the colours are long lasting. As dust do not accumulate on HPL panels, they are easy to maintain.


Wooden Plastic Composite is made from a unique blend of natural wood and plastic fibres. WPC can be created from entirely recycled materials. It comprises of sawdust, pulp, bamboo, and plastic powder.

As WPC is created from a paste like substance, it can be moulded into any size and shape. In addition to this innate flexibility, WPC can be dyed into any colour suitable for any design scheme.


Wall Cladding is a sort of decorative coating on the wall which makes it look beautiful and stylish. Cladding can be done not just for the building exteriors. It can also be used as an artistic element for interior decoration as well.

Some of the popular types of wall cladding:
  • • Curtain walling.
  • • Sandwich panels.
  • • Patent glazing.
  • • Rainscreen.
  • • Timber cladding.
  • • Metal profile cladding.
  • • Tensile fabric coverings.
  • • Brick slips.

High-quality, well-designed, properly-installed cladding can help maximise thermal performance, minimise air leakage, and optimise natural daylighting. This can help reduce the need for mechanical and electrical building services, and so improve energy efficiency and lower capital and running costs.



Shera Plank is a unique composite of fibre and cement in which natural fibres are bonded strongly in a high-grade silicate structure.

Shera planks are very tough but flexible also. It is a cellulose cement plank that is dimensionally stable.

SHERA Planks are:
  • Weather resistant
  • Immune to water damage
  • Fire resistant
  • Provides sound insulation
  • Shatter resistant
  • Low shrinkage
  • Flexible
  • High degree of workability
  • Termite resistant

SHERA planks are available in various surface profiles, various edge profiles and a fair range of colours.


Perforated cladding is used for both functional and decorative purposes. It can be used to dispel noise, for weight reduction, filtration and air control or simply to have anti-skid flooring. As a decorative finish perforated cladding offers a cost-effective solution. Varied qualities of perforated cladding are available for varied requirements like ceilings, lamps, shelves, facades, shielding, stairs etc.

We offer different varieties of perforated sheets to suit your every requirement of your constructions.



Polycarbonate cladding is useful for both flat and curved roofing. It helps the architects to incorporate thermal insulation, natural sunlight and structural strength into facades, skylights and roof designs. Polycarbonate cladding is lightweight and leak-proof.

They can also withstand high loads. They are also capable of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction. Polycarbonate cladding is widely used in commercial, residential, industrial and architectural constructions.


(Sliding, Openable, Fixed)

Windows and doors of a building are open to wind, rain, temperature fluctuations, environmental impacts and other mechanical stresses. Aluminium is found to be more weather-resistant than plastic. Aluminium allows for very slender and beautiful structures in any colour to your buildings.

Aluminium windows benefits:
  • • Outstanding static properties
  • • High design freedom in a glass-aluminium look
  • • Manufactured in very slender facing widths
  • • Large window areas for more light
  • • High-quality, thermally isolated window profiles
  • • Weatherproof powder coating in all RAL colours
  • • Easy to care for and clean
  • • No preserving coating necessary

We offer our clients a comprehensive array of Aluminium Windows and Doors to meet their requirements. Our team of professionals plan and execute these services in compliance with the international standards.


UPVC, unplasticized PVC, is got by the process called blending or compounding in which certain micro ingredients are added to PVC. Based on the additives the UPVC can be flexible or semi-rigid, transparent or translucent, opaque, glassy, weather resistant and fire resistant.

UPVC windows act as insulation against noise, dust, rain and pollution. We offer UPVC windows solution that provides a perfect balance between comfortable living and energy efficiency


(Sliding, Automatic Sensor Door, Swing door, Frameless door, Fire rated Door)

Aluminium doors can be either sliding or folding or casement doors. Pyramid offers a wide range of aluminium doors that speak the style and uniqueness of your buildings. They protect your interiors from external environment and from unwanted people.

Aluminium doors can be used for office, balconies, bathroom, kitchen etc. Aluminium doors, apart from enclosing a space adds elegance to that space. We offer customization of Aluminium doors to suit your requirements. We take care of the entire installation process and ensure that it is done to your delight.


UPVC doors are not just stylish and beautiful, they are functional as well. UPVC doors can be either sliding doors or casement doors. Sliding doors offer convenience and beauty. The casement doors are attached at the sides and can be made for inward and or outward opening.

At Pyramid different styles of UPVC doors are available suitable for clients’ requirements. We also offer customization of size and shape of UPVC doors to suit the projects requirements. .


(Sliding, Automatic Sensor Door, Swing door, Frameless door, Fire rated Door)

Aluminium louvers are commonly used as an outside cover of pipelines. This adds to beauty of elevation. Our aluminium louvers are manufactured using premium quality materials which assures durability and longevity. They provide smooth finish and an elegant look and are cost-effective.

Aluminium louvers of various sizes and shapes are available with us. In addition to that we offer customized specifications at reasonable cost to suit your choices.


Ventilators are important elements of all the buildings. They replace stale air with fresh air, and without them oxygen level will be low in the building interiors and bad odours will also develop. Our ventilation services provide everything from design to installation to support.

Pyramid offers you high quality ventilators for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Our ventilation solutions are functionally supreme and cost effective as well.