Public Safety

We are an excellent record of public safety. The following details can serve as a guide for selection of a suitable safety glass in any our overhead glazing systems. GLAZING HEIGHT ABOVE THE FLOOR LEVEL: 0-5 meters – The glass should be toughened or laminated.

Structural Requirements

We are designed our own die for using the Aluminium Sections to resist the most adverse combination of loads likely to occur, such as dead load (self weight), wind, snow and where necessary, maintenance consideration. Therefore consultation with us at design stage is recommended for most contracts.

Weather Resistance

Experience has shown that our glazing system used in sufficient pitches will be provided for excellent weather resistance.


We are suggest periodic cleaning of the glazing to remove dirt and the build up of debris will be required to keep the glazing systems in a good conditions and to avoid the loss of light transmission from the glass.

  • We would suggest that before any project is designed for a new building that the following practical information’s is considered at the earliest stage.

  • We have tested our own design of aluminium frame of vertical and horizontal mullion for the framework for Structural Glazing.

  • Design Calculation taken from the weight of aluminium = 27 kN/m3 & the weight of glass = 25 kN/m3

  • Wind pressure coefficients: (IS:875 part 3)

  • Wind speed = 50m/Sec.
  • Public Safety

  • Structural Requirements

  • Wind load

  • Weather Resistance

  • Maintenance

  • Colour Finishes.

Colour Finish

Power Coating

The process begins with the mill finish material being pre-treated in tanks of acid to clear the outside faces thoroughly. The aluminium is then spray coated with polyester based powder, which is staved on to produce a protective film. An extensive range of colours are available as standard and many non-standard or metallic finishes are available.


Suitably preferred aluminium is treated electrochemically during which process the surface of the metal is converted to a hard translucent film of aluminium oxide forming a protective coating. A small range of colors are available as standard.